Daniel Arantes Loverde

iOS and Android Developer – Mobile Game Developer

Mobile Development

Cross platform mobile development

Unity 3D

Applications and Game developement


Implement, maintain cloud and VPS services


Softwares and API web services development

Web 2.0

Websites development for moderns devices


iOS, Unity, PHP and much more consulting service


A little bit about me


10+ years of experience working with iOS development.
20+ years of experience working with PHP development.

Working as effective iOS developer since 2010.

Specialties: Technical lead and iOS development

Languages: Swift and Objective - C

I've solid knowledge in webservices integrations (RESTful) and also to build them.

Knowledge in common software development patterns: MVVM, MVC.

Knowledge in CocoaPods

Knowledge in these frameworks:
UIKIT, Foundation, CoreGraphics, CoreData, Quartz, SystemConfiguration, MobileCoreServices, Security, CoreLocation, MapKit, EventKit, CrashReporter, CFNetwork, AFNetworking, CoreVideo, Crashlytics.

Automated Tests:
Unit Tests: XCTests
UI / Funcional Tests: Xcode UITest

Experience with HTML, CSS and JS development since 1998
Experience with PHP and MySQL development since 2000
Experience with iOS development since 2010
Experience with SCRUM.

Personal Info

  •   +55 19 99511-2758 ( whatsapp only )
  •  Campinas, SP - Brazil


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